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Joe L. on 02/20/2020 
Trailer was bad tail light kept coming out of socket and driver side strap kept falling off 1100 miles and I stopped at least 18 times to fix things very disappointed tried to talk to the people where I dropped it off the black lady was very rude so I left will try another place next time would not recommend

The Thrift Stop:
Hello Joe L. and thank you for your review. We rented that trailer several times before renting it to you and it had no issues. We did give you the instructions for correct operation and told you that you could call U-Haul for any problems...Is it necessary to describe skin color when doing a U-Haul drop off?

Mark L. on 11/26/2019  
When telling customers about the return of mileage vehicles, let them know that they MUST go to the text message first that is sent out for return instructions before locking the vehicle and placing the keys in the lock box. I realized that the link asks you to put in ending mileage and include a photo of the odometer to check the vehicle back in. Would have been nice to know that when I rented the vehicle.

The Thrift Stop:
Hello Mark L. and thank you for your review and business. We did explain at check out as we do with all our customers, that we would check the truck in for you so that you would not have to do the self check in yourself. As we explained at check out, all you needed  to do is drop the key in the box and we would get your truck checked in for you at no charge for after hours  drop off. 

joe G. on 6/23/2019
Wasn’t sure how I got charged for rental, didn’t know that Saturday rate was more than the weekday. That wasn’t in online quote.

The Thrift Stop:
Hello joe G. and thank you for your review and business. We did explain at check out as we do with all our customers that the mileage charge is more on Friday and Saturday. 

Michael S. on 7/15/2017
I had to unhitch the trailer by myself. No assistance offered

The Thrift Stop:
Hello Michael S. and thank you for your review. Uhaul is a do-it-yourself mover but we would have loved to unhook your trailer for you. The customer before you, that we were still helping when you arrived must have distracted us. If you would have asked for assistance we would have unhooked your trailer for you just as we have done for many customers before you. We also swept the trailer for you at no charge.

Riel K. on 1/26/2017
The mirrors on a 20 foot truck should be adjustable. It is dangerous to be able to adjust the side mirrors on a very large truck especially since there is no rearview mirror. I think we paid more than we should have but it was a last minute family crisis.

The Thrift Stop:
Hello Riel K. and thank you for your review. First and foremost we are sorry to hear about your family crisis. The amount you paid for the Uhaul truck was discounted. You rented a 20' truck from us and Uhaul gave it to you for the 15' truck price. We also gave you 300 free extra miles and 2 free extra days.

Rodney C. on 11/28/2016
When I arrived the location was closed even though online and the sign in the door showed that it should have been open 30 min before I arrived. Then i get a bill from them for $10 for cleaning the truck? The only thing i can imagine was that they had to clean up the sun flower seed shells that were in the truck when i received it 2 hours late in Orange Grove. If you check my name in your system you will see that i have used your equipment several times and I this was not one of my better experiences.

The Thrift Stop:
Hello Rodney C. and thank you for your review. We are sorry you had a bad experience dropping off at our location. We do have 24HR dropoff and it did show on the Uhaul site special operating hours for us being closed for the Thanksgiving holiday. For cleaning the truck Uhaul does have a minimum of $25.00 just to sweep the truck. For this reason we feel our cleaning prices are more than fair for the busy customer that does not have time to do it for themself. We like to give all of our customers the cleanest truck possible to start their move off right.

kenny r. on 11/21/2016
Dont rent something that you know is not there and expect the customer to deal with it and find a different location. Poor customer service.

The Thrift Stop:
Hello Kenny R. and thank you for your review. We are sorry that you could not get the equipment at your desired location that you made your reservation at. For this reason we feel that your review was misdirected. However, we are glad our location did have the equipment and we hoped that the 2 extra free days we gave you with your rental would have made up for your inconvenience caused by another dealer. 

ROBERT K. on 10/30/2016
After dropping off the U Haul I saw it being driven down town. Not sure if they were just checking it out or going shopping at Tractor Supply.

The Thrift Stop:
Hello Robert K. and thank you for your review. Uhaul is one of the most well known and largest rental brands in America. You can see their trucks on just about every street anytime day or night. Just the other day we saw a happy customer with their rental truck picking up groceries. Let us know if you ever need to pick up supplies, we will gladly rent you the equipment to do it.